Day to day in the life of me. 

So I’ve got some of your attention. Which is surprising as I really didn’t think I would be all that interesting.

But I’ve found that I have a heck of a lot in common with most of the people I come in contact with. In all honesty, I try to connect on some level with every single person I come across.  

Yes – I’m that lady that chats about my life story to the check out chick. I am 110% an over-sharer. I’d bet my left tit that by the time I’m finished at Coles the lady in isle 7 heard about one of my kids poop cycles and even had a laugh about my lack of sleep this week. It’s just who I am. I guess I got it from my Mum, who if you met you’d understand! #thanksmum. 

A typical week day for us consists of a few different locations. 

Alex goes to work at some point. 

I go to work. 

Henry is in school now so off he goes to his little existence there. 

Lucy is in full time daycare, and Harry has been hanging out with family. 

I spend well above 40 hours a week at work, and very little time at home. I play netball which is a great outlet for me but mostly I’m away from the family trying to make a career. 

Oh yes I know what a terrible thought that is. I can almost hear the whispers. “She’s not a stay at home mum? But Harry is so little! How do they afford it? How does she do it? How does she live with herself? Who goes to school parades? Sports days? Tuck shop?!” Blah, Blah, Blah. 

Um – the answer is simple. I DO. 

I may not make it to every friggen Friday school parade, but if Henry is getting a bloody sticker for doing something – no matter how ridiculously small – I’m there. Biggest smile, screaming and jumping for joy. I was at his first sports carnival. Yes for about 15 minutes, but I went. Saw him race. Cheered him on, and headed back to work. 

Do I feel guilty? Fuck yes! Do I miss drop offs and pick ups most days? You bet. Do I have to text some other Mummy friends to ask what’s fuck is “bug club”?? ALL THE TIME. But that’s the way it works for us. 

I keep saying to myself “Kim, you can’t have it all. You’ve got to slow it down and pick the important things.” 

So I have. I’ve chosen my sanity. Which then equals my kids happiness and husbands happiness. What’s that old saying? Happy wife happy life? Well me being a working parent – while sometimes depressing – actually makes me a better functioning parent. I knew early on I was NOT cut out to be a stepford wife. Not all of us are. But not a single person has ever thought that was an issue. My kids are pretty friggen happy. I think it’s a bit of an achievement for me to admit that! 

Don’t get me wrong. I’d LOVE to be at home am with the kids more often. But every day is tough. We are raising very strong minded, gutsy humans. We clash like any normal person would living in close quarters. So school for them is what work is for me. A break from each other. So when we get home of a day its exciting and enjoyable! And I can ask how their day was because I don’t already know!

We are there for every important aspect of their life. And this lifestyle works for us. 

Might not for you, but right now, we’re good. 

Anyway I’m off to soak in a tub as the terrors are finally asleep – Another successful night!

Peace and love!

– K x

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