When days just mesh

I’m talking about when things just go totally according to plan.

My weekend consisted of the usual crap – catching up on washing, cooking, cleaning and all the other garbage associated with it.

But it also included my kids playing NICELY TOGETHER. Oh my god, alert the authorities.

All I seem to do is dwell on the things that go wrong in life, that when something really positive happens (no matter how big or small) it literally blows my mind.  For example, on Saturday, Henry and Lucy were sitting on the couch together and Henry was on the iPad.

This is usually cause for World War III to erupt, and I was holding my breath for the typical MUM! LUCY’S LOOKING AT ME! LUCY’S TOUCHING MY LEG! Or the odd screaming match and chase that ensues throughout our tiny three bedroom home. Which is high-set I should add, and every step shakes the house!

So on this pretty busy Saturday morning, life just stopped for a while and delivered a pretty rare moment.  And I stood back with Alex and enjoyed watching them.  They were kind to each other.  Helpful.  Henry was gentle and calm, and really patient while Lucy was inquisitive and genuinely interested in whatever was coming out of her big brother’s mouth.

This allowed Alex and I to sip a coffee and actually have a decent discussion during daylight hours!  It also gave me the chance to duck downstairs to the laundry without having little people yelling at me for another sandwich, or a refill of juice.

It allowed us to get the jobs done and then gather a picnic together and head off to the park for a few hours of fun in the sun.

The day just went with the flow, and I let it.  Anything that popped up was easily dealt with, because I was relaxed….Which just never happens.

Have you ever had a weekend where there was just nothing to fault?  I finished work today and while Henry is off for a sleepover with Nanny (school holiday perks) the rest of the household is still running smooth.  Dad’s happy, Lulu’s happy, Harry’s always bloody happy and I’ve come home to the chillest place this side of cuckoo-ville.

While I didn’t have the grandest day at the office, I’ve walked into a pretty mellow environment and I plan to utilise every second of it!

Let me know how you wind down after a shitty day.  Better yet – tell me about your amazing weekends!  I know for me they can be few and far between.  I’m gonna try ride this happy-train to the next station…..

K x

Proof of the non-fighting cherubs!


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