The real question – What do you know about yourself?

Something happened this week.  My friend was interviewed for a little “Get to know you” special within our office, and she was asked what a normal person would consider pretty simple questions…

I had a look at these “simple” questions and for the life of me, I had to really bloody think about the answers! That brings me to think – well shit.  I can’t even bring a full thought into my own head to answer something as easy as “What’s your favorite food?” or, “How do you unwind after a long day?”

Does this mean I have no idea about anything about myself? Is it normal to stumble over these sorts of questions?

It made me think about how much I know about my kids and my husband.  I could easily answer silly questions like this on behalf of them – no worries.  But myself! Give me a bottle of wine and a 10 hour deadline I may come up with something.  Yes, after a few drinks I tend to loosen up and the walls come down.  I guess it has a lot to do with being comfortable.  If I feel safe to unload a feeling/thought, it will just flow like a running stream.  If not – brick wall city right here and you ain’t knowing shit.

I truly dread these sorts of questions – i get anxious and embarrassed that I really have no idea what I would say. (Thank god I don’t need to date anymore, can you imagine trying to get someone knew to know you? FUCK THAT.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is, we all need to take time out and get to know our wants and needs.  Our interests, our dreams.  Make plans for a future, kick some goals. I’m nearly 25 and have no idea what the hell I want to have on my bucket list.  But that’s gonna change.

Let the bad shit go.  Allow yourself some space and time to unwind, relax.  This sounds corny, and I’m aware of this – but how true is it?!  Also – I reckon I’d be a better wife and mum if I actually took my own advice.

Which I plan to.  Hell, just now I’ve added a few things to my bucket list:

  • Climb a mountain
  • Learn a new language
  • Skydive – This is so cliche – But Alex has done it and I WANNNNNT TOOOOO
  • Explore more of Australia!
  • Travel back to Europe, explore Germany.

These were hard to get down on paper. But there. Just a few things I want from this life.

There are a million other questions I need answers to about myself.  And I’m accepting that I’m learning about me, every single day.

Getting there!

K x




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