I lost inspiration, and I’m sorry!

So, it’s been a while. 

The initial excitement of sharing my life and opinions wore off and I got scared to share. But, it’s January, and I figure, if I’m willing to go to the lengths to reaffirm my place in the world and make a better effort to be a better me, why should I feel the need to hide it?

And so I’m back. This time, not only sharing the ins and outs of my day to day life (where I reckon you’ll find it interesting enough to keep following me), but delving deep into what makes me who I am – as I try to find the answers. 

Yesterday Alex and I were talking about how we should change our life, the way we eat and get active etc. I was like “Fuck yeah, totally babe. Let’s start a meal plan and eat better and excercise and all that shit. But let’s start tomorrow.” 

There it was – the first excuse. “It’s a Sunday, let’s start fresh on the first day of the week” YEAH – like that will keep me accountable?! Not. 

Right then and there I said, come on, let’s just do it. So off we went and got some healthy shit from Coles, made a heap of healthy sausage rolls for the kids and us, and I prepped a decent meal for dinner and leftovers, and before I knew it I was in my leggings (total active where wannabe right here, i pretend I’m in Lorna Jane but really it’s the cheapie stuff from KMart) and my crop top that’s surely 11 years old but I wore it anyway and we were in the yard and I was doing starjumps and attempting my best, un-ladylike push-ups ever. 

First of all – anyone who knows me knows I have THE SPECTATORS GENE. I’m not sporty, not fit, not equipped to have my heart rate soar past 130. I.  Was. Fucked. And this was only having done a 7 minute workout challenge from the app Alex had downloaded on his phone a few weeks ago. Safe to say, I’m never getting abs. 

But, today – as sore as I am – I’m sitting here in my gym clothes getting ready to go to an actual gym class with actual people who will actually look at me doing actual yoga moves. I’m nervous, excited, scared and feel like I don’t want to go but IM GOING. And I want you all to help me as I’m for sure not going to get through this. 

But, without being tooooo dramatic, I’m going to give this a go. We all know I don’t have the excuse of “I’ve just had a baby,” Harry’s one FFS and that’s that. It’s time I look after myself  and get into a healthy shape. 

Therefore, I’m back. I’m going to write about it. Some will think I’m whinging, and let’s face it I probs will, but maybe it will help. Maybe there’s some other Mums out there dreaming of getting their shit together and doing this too. 

I don’t know, but hopefully this is the start of something great. 

Or, I’ll just fall into a heap of sweat and tears. We shall see!

K x

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